Thursday, April 14, 2011

When government is big enough to pretend to give you everything you think you want

When government is big enough to pretend to give you everything you think you want

When government is big enough to pretend to give you everything you think you want, it is big enough to take from you everything you have -- including your freedom and your property. – President Gerald Ford in a joint session of Congress (August 12, 1974).

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Instead of continuing down the path of perpetual governmental assistance and centralized power, together lets redirect our district and country back to the road of individual freedom and personal responsibility. The partisan bickering and divisive discussions in Congress have done nothing. It is our responsibility and duty to make sure that our country returns to the ideals that it was founded on.

I am a person who confronts issues directly. When I am representing the people of Los Angeles in Los Angeles City Hall, I will always be available and accountable to YOU, my constituents. I will represent the people of LA in a way that is both beneficial to our home, and favorable to our city at large. I will review ALL legislation before voting on it, instead of just relying on partisan voting as a way for determining OUR voice in City Hall. With your input and support, together we will have a strong voice in Los Angeles City Hall and with that voice we will take bold actions on the economy, jobs and the city debt.

On March 5th, when you are given the opportunity to exercise your sacred right to vote, I ask that you entrust me with representing your interests in Los Angeles City Hall. Together, let's work on bringing the very best back to the City of Los Angeles. Let us avoid wasteful spending and special interests. Let’s put partisan politics aside for meaningful compromise. We are responsible for the direction of our City and as YOUR Mayo, I will make sure OUR voice is heard, and that OUR issues are made priorities

Anyone who supports government by the people for the people and means it in practice has my support. We need less government, less spending, fiscal responsibility, business & job friendly environment. Absolute honesty and integrity is a must. No bailouts, business must stand on its own - or go out of business.
Enforcement of current laws.
Power to the people.
We should put all elected officials on commission base, maybe this will put some fire under them to perform better.

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