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Decline of Morals and Ethics

Decline of Morals and Ethics

Decline of Morals and Ethics

Sex, Sex, and more Sex

I am always fascinated by so-called scientists who somehow manage to affect the social mores of a culture. Take Margaret Mead [Please!], sorry, couldn't resist. America's most famous anthropologist goes to Polynesia in the 30's and interviews the natives. Like all good anthropologists, she focuses on sex among other things . Well, ladies and gentlemen, surprise, surprise, she found out that the natives were very promiscuous, having unabashed sex all the time. Anyway, they were certainly more active than the restrictive climate of Philadelphia where she grew up in a Quaker household.
Why is this important? It's like this, I myself was searching in college and thought I could find answers by studying primitive cultures whose laws and behavior could then help to understand human nature and larger, more complex civilizations. So I got a degree in anthropology. Years later I found out that much of what she wrote was not true. Another anthropologist went down there and interviewed the same young girls who had now grown up. Turns out they were putting her on and thought that Mead knew it. She didn't. Some say she wanted to please her professor which might be partially true, I tend to think that many people engage in junk science to perpetrate their agendas. The problem is, these fallacious foundations build one upon the other by the pseudo-scientists who follow.
So now move on to the innocent fifties and beyond. Now we find reports by people like Kinsey and Masters and Johnson, building upon the rotten foundation of an anthropologist. Junk science continues unabated. They use a higher proportion of molesters, homosexuals, people generally involved in aberrant behavior to stack their research. I believe, if memory serves, that Kinsey even used a child molester and murderer who later fled to England. The criminal left but his data stayed.
So now we move on to the social scientists in charge of our schools. I guess that makes them scientists too; right..... yeah, right in the mold of the scientists above. They take all this research and decide children are going to be learning it here and there and doing it everywhere. We've got to tell them first. Let's grab them when they are young. It becomes a self fulfilling doctrine. Children, young souls, are very malleable. All sorts of behavior is taught to them way too early so of course they are going to start before other generations. Normal maturation and behavior is blurred by junk science and the Masters of spin.
Buddhism and Homosexuality

Homosexuality has been gaining huge inroads lately, from Supreme Court decisions to legalized marriages in foreign countries (I guess Massachusetts and California will soon qualify as a foreign country), but at what cost? What people do behind closed doors should be their business, they should have the right to work out their karma without prejudice. It's the doors of consciousness and the effect on embodiments in the future that should concern the soul.
Padma Sambhava (730-805), a Buddha, brought Buddhism to Tibet. He spent 55 years there transmitting advanced and secret teachings to his students. Many of these students (tertons) were intended to reveal certain teachings (termas) at later times for future generations. They would of course, reincarnate to do that. Yeshe Tsogyal, a princess, was his chief disciple. Padma Sambhava had some pointed instruction for Yeshe Tsogyal on the subject of sex and homosexuality. The following quotes are taken from one of the most important termas ever transmitted by Guru Rinpoche or Padma Sambhava. It is known as the Dakini Teachings and it is a treasure map to the salvation of one's soul.

ADD, ADHD and Ritalin

Some say ADD is caused by sleep deprivation, lack of parental guidance or even imperfect genes, while these may have some impact, the root cause can be traced to Cocoa Puffs and Yosemite Sam. Yes, that's right, those little brown pellets filled with chocolate sugary goodness and that dual six gun packing hombre looking to put twelve holes in that 'wabbit.' And let's not forget all their friends either, Frosted Flakes, Raisin Bran, etc. and all the other violent cartoons we grew up with.
The real culprits are of course: sugar and sensory overload. From a tender age children are subjected to TV, violent images from cartoons, movies, computer games and a continuous bombardment of music that gives the soul no time for rest. Instead, their subconscious and unconscious, and of course, their conscious minds and hence their emotions are filled with jittery violent scenes and raucus music. It becomes an addiction.
I heard on the radio recently that children ate one pound of sugar per year in 1900 and that today they eat about a pound a day. While this may be exagerated, it may be closer to the truth than we know. Consider the day in the life of a seven year old. Breakfast: Cocoa Cocoa Puffs w/sugar, orange juice, chocolate milk, maybe some jam on toast. We're talking hypoglycemic overload all ready. What about all the snacks, soft drinks, cafeteria food, more snacks, candy and soft drinks the rest of the day, topped off with a delicious desert made by good 'ole Mom. And wouldn't a nice sugar laden drink go good with the final TV program of the night.
Try sitting one of these kids down for a little quiet time of say, a half hour. With their weak physical sugar wracked condition and their emotions whipped up into a frenzy by TV and computer games, they can't handle it. The sensors are frayed. The synapses will only work with the sub-woofer pumped up. No wonder people think they need Ritalin, but that is not the solution. Drugs are not the answer.
William House
the editor, Reverse Spins

Trends: The U.S. has the highest rate of both ADD diagnosis and methylphenidate use in the world, with an estimated 1.5 million U.S. children currently using the drug each school day. While the number of kids diagnosed with ADD in recent years has prompted concern that the condition may be overdiagnosed (and Ritalin overprescribed), the new focus on the disorder has resulted in expanded use of the drug among adults, usually with good results and few side effects.
Demographics: Unlike most other Schedule II drugs, production of Ritalin has increased in recent years, primarily due to growing demand within the United States. In 1999, 9.9 million U.S. prescriptions were written for Ritalin. Non-medical illicit use resulted in 1,478 hospital emergencies during the year. from: Ritalin: Fast Facts


The great civilization sat precipitously on the moral fence. The people had turned away from the God known as Incal and the Maxin Light (see A Dweller on Two Planets below) burning brightly on the altar in the central temple on Atlantis. The descent had been gradual, imperceptible to most. The pleasure cult took over. The Maxin light went out as had been warned. At first the people were shocked, scared; but over centuries, they forgot. The light started to dim in their physical temples as well. The chakras and the light in their hearts was fading, deadened to Divine love and human pain. They were ripe for takeover and cataclysm.
Visitors from the 12th planet known as Marduk and Nibiru had come as 'saviors' thousands of years before, landing a continent away, to the southeast. These interlopers had long since rebelled against God. They felt they should be in charge rather than God. They didn't trust God's creation so they created their own, the annunaki. To keep these workers fat, dumb and happy, they invented fermented drinks, plied them with drugs and strange music; all intended to keep the mind focused away from the Divine potential.
The people of Atlantis, rather than listening to the entreaties of a succession of Prophets such as, the Rai's (high initiates on Atlantis), Enoch, Noah or even their own Christ attunement, soon adopted the ways of these ancestors of Sumer. People surfeited themselves in discordant sounds and mind-emotional altering substances. It inured them against what they didn't perceive, the ravages of their own karma. It also simulated the spiritual path. They had no sense of co-measurement as to what the light should feel like in them. Sure an occasional, son of God, pointed the way. But for the most part the knowledge and the texts describing the power of Light within, was lost or resigned to the dusty shelves of history. It had no relation to now. All they knew was how good that drum beat felt and how 'high' they felt taking chemical and 'natural' substances.
Before the final inundation warned about by Noah, several small groups still tied to the Divine intent, managed to scatter throughout the planet. Some made it to Egypt, others to Europe and a slightly larger migration made it to an Atlantean outpost, South America. Here they kept the name and remembrance of Incal. Their ways and spiritual ties to the Atlantean civilization devolved over time. But they kept many attributes, including of course, the name Inca. They also kept a quality of life and architecture that surpassed many other so called 'advanced' civilizations.
Thousands of years later, some individuals re-embodied to finish the destruction of the ties to Incal. They were conquistadors and they had murder, rape, cultural genocide on their minds, and of course, gold. The prophets of old had warned not to intermarry with these fallen angels who came in their spaceships. They did not listen. Now they came back, reincarnating over and over again, mixing genes, race and culture. They came in the name of Western civilization and the 'white man.' But they were neither, really. Most importantly they did not have the tie to God. Columbus did. He was attuned to the God within and the ancient Maxin light. The pillagers of Central and South America were not. They rode in on his coat tails, creating havoc and karma in the name of European expansion. The karma that befell them, befalls the West.
And so, the curse went forth, literally, from the mouths of some of the fallen Incans. The cocaine curse has come back full circle, as personal and Western karma. America and the rest of the world has reaped the whirlwind of Atlantean karma, of turning away from God and of Incan karma. Drugs are not new, even the new ones they manufacture today. Oxycotton, ecstasy, LSD, ritalin and the like were known on ancient continents. They all come with a certain built in energy and momentum as well. The powerful inertia behind marijuana says 'there is nothing harmful about me,' despite all scientific and empirical knowledge to the contrary. The movers and shakers behind the scenes and many of the others splashed across the 'People' section of the newspapers will never see this as anything but a fable. The drugs and music are a way of life for them. They thrive on it. For others, it is a point of control. By destroying the youth and their contribution to the raising up of this planet, they insure their positions of power.
The Atlanteans and before them, the Lemurians, all came with a great deal of Light to this planet. Drugs and certain forms of music continue to keep them from the true Divine connection. The light God sends down to each one, that Jesus sends, that resides in each ones' chakras; is siphoned away. And guess who reaps the benefit while the rest pick up the tab (karma). The fallen angels, the Nephilim, the watchers, the godless, the aliens or whatever one chooses to call them—live off that Light. It is the foundation of their power.

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    A popular story recounts a meeting that may have taken place at the Edgewater Beach Hotel in Chicago in 1923. There is some debate whether the meeting in fact occurred, but what is not in question is the actual rise and fall of the men featured in the story, who were nine of the richest men in the world at the time: (1) Charles Schwab, President of the world's largest independent steel company; (2) Samuel Insull, President of the world's largest utility company; (3) Howard Hopson, President of the largest gas firm; (4) Arthur Cutten, the greatest wheat speculator; (5) Richard Whitney, President of the New York Stock Exchange; (6) Albert Fall, member of the President's Cabinet; (7) Leon Frazier, President of the Bank of International Settlements; (8) Jessie Livermore, the greatest speculator in the Stock Market; and (9) Ivar Kreuger, head of the company with the most widely distributed securities in the world.

    Twenty-five years later, (1) Charles Schwab had died in bankruptcy, having lived on borrowed money for five years before his death. (2) Samuel Insull had died virtually penniless after spending some time as a fugitive from justice. (3) Howard Hopson was insane. (4) Arthur Cutten died overseas, broke. (5) Richard Whitney had spent time in Sing-Sing. (6) Albert Fall was released from prison so he could die at home. (7) Leon Fraizer, (8) Jessie Livermore, and (9) Ivar Kreuger each died by suicide. Measured by wealth and power these men achieved success, at least temporarily. Making a lot of money may be an acceptable goal, but money most assuredly does not guarantee a truly successful life.

    Many people think of fame and fortune when they measure success. However, at some point in life, most people come to realize that inner peace and soul-deep satisfaction come not from fame and fortune, but having lived a life based on integrity and noble character. President Lincoln put it this way: “Honor is better than honors.” At a Congressional Hearing on ethics in July 2002, Truett Cathy, founder of Chik-Fil-A, quoted Proverbs 22:1: "A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold." In the final analysis, living an honorable life really is more satisfying than fame and fortune. How do you measure success?