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Values & morality are the desirable principles in human character

Values & morality are the desirable principles in human character

Values and morality are the desirable principles in human character that society considers worthwhile. Friendliness and courage are values. Morals work with the judgment of values as they emerge in actions. Promptness is a value; therefore, it is morally wrong to be late to work.
Your teen needs you to teach him/her values so they can create their own strong moral fiber. People who have good moral fiber:
·                      are successful in their relationships with other people. They know how to treat another person with respect and know how to earn respect from other people. They are the type of people who you find you want to be friends with.
·                      contribute positively to society by reaching beyond themselves out into their community. They get involved and help where they can.
·                      take responsibility for their actions. They try to fix any mistakes they make. They are capable of feeling a sense of accomplishment when they finish a task. People who do not have base values aren’t even able to feel good about doing something right.
·                      are capable of learning and growing both socially and emotionally.
·                      are generally happier. They grab on to the best of what life has to offer them. They can see the light at the end of the tunnel when life gets tough.
Success in life is picked up in bits and pieces along our journey. When you give your teenager values and help him/her build a strong moral fiber, you’re giving him/her the ability to pick and choose which bits and pieces are a worthy part of their journey to success.

Why has society let morality and family values go out the window?

They aren't even important anymore.

It is heartening to see here that there are still quite a few people who are curious to know what seems to have gone wrong. You do well to ask the two very important questions and I will give you my best answer to that if you will allow me. For quite sometime now after the end of World War 2, the world has undergone a subtle decline in the morality and family values of most of the people in the world, perhaps three fourth of it have immerse themselves in the abyss of materialism . This and a Godless society have taken over their minds. , then the world begun a slow descent to the deplorable state of indifference towards things that used to be the binding force of family unity. Materialism brought about greed and the Very temporary pleasure that money brings about and the comforting thought of faith in God gradually exited from the minds of man. The world today is experiencing the consequence of that transition and the integrity of every one is being tested and found wanting especially in the business field.,,,,Wars, Famine, earthquakes, floods and many other calamities have made the people suffer and die almost daily with no end in sight", ...who is to blame? A statement once said"...Seek and you will find, Knock, and you shall enter, ASK and you will receive!
Well they are still important to some people - like me. However with Hollywood and the media constantly bombarding our youth and adults with "acceptable" alternatives to being a moral family oriented person they get a skewed view of things and don't think you have to work for anything and you don't have to answer for anything. We have to face facts Hollywood and the media do influence and drive what is acceptable in society.
Oh, and they used to be so much more important too.

Gay people could spend time in prison simply for being gay.
Corporal punishment was the norm in schools, prisons, etc.

"Morality and family values" is code for a world that was in fact quite dark and sinister.
Liberals empowered the single mother. It used to be a stigma, but then it was encouraged. Now we have tons of single moms with future felons, drug addicts, and bums that they're raising.

Then you have the atheists and their war on religion, with erodes our values as a society.
Media promoting double standards

Royalty being immortalized for 'shagging around'

Child abusers being supported by Media and welcomed to Vatican to see Pope
Great question, one I ask often. These days things like strong family, a sense of self respect & class, respect towards others, hard work, etc seem to be a thing of the past.
We agree too much porn, drugs, alcohol. laws bad politicians besides people are losing the faith in their religion sin is the new way to say you are cool but at end of the day people know they are not acting as they suppose to act
It’s the brain washed way for being civilized (modern dictionary), for example getting naked is called Bravery
swearing is being tough.........and screwing people is experience ....ironic
It's possible the definition has just changed. Freedom means being tolerant of how other people want to live.
Not all society has, but when the majority goes one way the rest of us must follow.
I suppose you kept a straight face when televangelist dominated the Republican Party

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  1. Are Social Ethics Subjective or Uniform
    Social ethics form an infrastructure for us to live as a society. Religion, charity, morality, and family values are all tools used to define standards of behavior in our society. Morals are seen by many as an infrastructure on which a community depends. Immoral behavior is seen as a threat to the community. More than anything it is a sense of social responsibility and public opinion that define them for us all.
    Social ethics are defined by societal and cultural norms. Religion plays a big role in certain societies. The concept of charity to others and morality within one's actions are important to many, especially those who subscribe to family values as a vehicle for their morals.
    Social ethics are a religion to some and a mystery to others. Charity and morality are certainly part of a societal fabric, and many claim family values and the morals espoused within them are what a society should subscribe to.
    Social ethics vary in different parts of the world. The affect of religion on social norms also varies, but charity and morality remain key components of societal infrastructure. Immoral behavior will always take place, but social responsibility and the power of public opinion combine to make social ethics an important part of everyday life.